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Communication Tools [Tsushin-Gu]

Telephones [Denwa-Ki]

The most popular field telephone for the Army was the M-92 (1932). This telephone was a box type of about 6kg which was made largely of aluminum and wood and which used two dry batteries. The telephone was contained in a leather carrying case. A crank on a side of the box generated the ring, and the microphone and earphone were separate from the box. The set was capable not only for voice communications but also for communication by telegram, and this function was operated by a wooden button on the side plate of the box. Lighter weight telephone sets, such as the m-93 and M-2 were used also. The Navy used the same models of telephone and they may have had lighter sets of their own. About 80,000 M-92 telephone sets were produced among several commercial companies.


Model 92 Telephone Sets
Front: A field switch board
Middle Left: Machine made by Anritsu Denki
Middle Right: Machine made by Nihon Denki (with batteries by Matsushita)
Rear: A leather container for a field phone
Wood Box Telephones (Later War Type)
Left: Model 2 Portable Telephone Set
Right: Special Portable Telephone Set (made by Oki Denki/1944)

Radios [Musen-Ki]

The typical field radio was the M-94, which was manufactured in three types. The Type 3 was stationary and its receiver and transmitter were separate unit. The Type 5 was portable and its receiver and transmitter also were separate. The type 6 combined receiver and transmitter in one unit. All types had the capability for both voice and telegram communications. The number of vacuum tubes in each set determined the range of use; for example, the Type 5's voice communication reached 20km. There were two kinds of electric sources for the field radios: dry batteries and hand-cranked generator. The radios were rather light weight, but the generator was heavy. Mr. William Howard is an authority in the U.S. on Japanese radios.

M-94 Type5 Radio Set
M-94 Type6 Radio Set
Repair Tools for Radio Sets
Signal Pistols [Shingou-Jyu]

The Army used but one signal pistol, the M-10 (1921) 35mm single barrel pistol. This model was made until 1945 and a total of 8500 were made. The overall length of this pistol is 208mm and its barrel length is 120mm. The pistol uses brass cartridges which are reloadable and which have deeply inscribed characters on their bases which allow the user to identify the type of cartridge at night by finger touch.

The Navy had three major models of signal pistol, all of which used 28mm paper cartridges. The M-90 pistol was made in both double and triple barrell variants. The M-97 pistol had but one barrel and was handy for use on aircraft. The M-90 pistols were made by Kayaba and the M-97s were made by Kawaguchiya.

Other Communication Tools

Several models of light system, bugles, and flags were used by Japanese military forces.