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Books by Shigeo Sugawa
Japanese Matchlock I
in Japanese,
color printing,
60 pages: $100-
Japanese Matchlock II
in Japanese,
color printing,
96 pages: $100-
Japanese Small Arms and Equipment
in Japanese with parts in English,
color printing,
210 pages: $180-
Japanese Machine Guns
in Japanese,
parts color printing,
470 pages: $70-
in English,
color printing,
60 pages: $100-
Japanese Soldiers at the China front 1930's
in English,
no color printig,
165 pages: $30-

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*$12- shipping cost with one order ordered in the U.S, or Canada and shipped from the U.S.
*$30- ~$40- shipping cost with one order ordered to Japan and shipped to the U.S. and Europe.

Guide to Japanese Militaria
Japanese Infantry Weapons of World War Two, by George Markham

Japanese Army Handbook 1939-1945, by A. J. Barker

Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945, by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory

The Japanese Bayonet, by Larry Johnson

Military Rifles of Japan, by Fred Honeycutt, Jr. and F. Patt Anthony

The Hand Cannons of Imperial Japan, by Harry Derby

Military Pistols of Japan, by Fred Honeycutt, Jr.

Handbook on Japanese Military Forces - U.S. War Department Technical Manual, 1944

The Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Short Rifles, by Doss H. White, Jr., W.S. White, F. A. Knapp, and G. H. Taylor.

( Japan) Arms and Ammunition Catalogue A, published by Taihei Kumiai, edited by Fred L. Honeycutt, Jr.

The American Rifleman magazine, February, 1958

The American Rifleman magazine, January, 1976

Pearl Harbor and the War in the Pacific, editor Bernard C. Nalty.

Ordnance Went Up Front, by Roy F. Dunlap

Shots Fired in Anger, by Lt. Col. John George.

Gun Tools: Their History and Identification, Volumes I and II, by James B. Shaffer, Lee A. Rutledge, and R. Stephen Dorsey.

Armes Militaria magazine No. 136